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 Stylish must-have in your wardrobe

The blazer has become a must-have in most wardrobes and can be found in a wide range of models and shapes, right from the traditional fitted blazer to the casual oversize styles. You can style the blazer for both everyday use and for celebratory occasions, where it can be styled with both skinny jeans and a nice summer dress.

Freedom to be able to express yourself through fashion

We have a versatile selection, so you can create your own look, based on your favourite blazer. The blazer works as alternative to the traditional cardigan or leather jacket and is thereby part of creating a new look.
The blazer can also be used as supplement for a summer jacket, because the blazer is made from a thin material, perfect for summer evenings. It can also be used as a transition jacket that gives a relaxed and stylish look. All in all, the blazer offers many looks than the traditional use of blazer jackets.