Brook Knit Striped Boxy Cardigan / Hellen LS Shirt / Nomio MW Trousers

Season LS Anorak / Season HW Trousers

Signe LS Blouse / Signe Short Skirt

Ellen LS Shirt / Indie MW Trousers

Selene SS Jumpsuit

Ed Blazer / Eddy MW Short Skirt

Ariana LS Coat

Aron Shirt Jacket / Arzur Slip Dress

Ariana LS Short Coat / Brook Knit O-Neck / Crayon MW Skirt

Gaia Shirt Jacket / Gaia MW Trousers

Berri LS Wrap Dress / Boyas Trousers

Lyle New LS Shirt / Katt Short Skirt

Brook Knit Gradient O-Neck / Emily Short Skirt

Phoebe Wrap Midi Dress

Terry Jacket / Terry HW Skirt

Phlake LS Dress

Flow LS Dress

Ilone Melange Knit Cardigan / Selene MW Trousers

Nukana LS Blouse / Orion MW Trousers

Day Tripper - Spring 2020

With this Spring collection we are taking you on a cultural day journey. 

The collection celebrates a woman who enjoys small adventures in a vibrant city which is ever evolving and changing. She enjoys discovering converted warehouses, small galleries, grand architectural buildings, as well as artisanal exhibitions. 

It is an appreciation of all the beauty that daily surrounds us, whether it is a cultural experience or simply a walk in the park, appreciating the change of light throughout the day, structured industrial surfaces as well as immaculate ancient marble sculptures. An appreciation of history juxtaposed with modernity. 

Spring 2020 embraces workwear pieces and elements such as top stitches, large pockets and buttons. This is combined with feminine colours and shapes. Prints are inspired by an artisanal and handmade feel. As a result the collection makes a dynamic, vibrant, modern and feminine statement.